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The form and application of graphite deep processing products

The form and application of graphite deep processing products
High purity graphite
It is mainly used as a stabilizer in military and industrial materials and industrial catalysis in other industries. It has complete crystallization and very good thermal conductivity.
Isostatic graphite
Isostatic graphite is an extended product of high-purity graphite. It is mainly processed from high-purity graphite. It has the characteristics of high-purity graphite and has the main characteristics of low thermal expansion rate and excellent thermal conductivity after heating.
Expandable graphite
Expandable graphite mainly selects naturally arranged natural flake graphite, which is mainly an interlayer compound after acid oxidation treatment. In addition to the advantages of high-temperature resistance and high heat resistance, the body has the advantages of increasing the expandability of graphite.
Graphite Fluoride
Graphite fluoride is a new type of graphite product that combines performance and benefit. Graphite functional material with high added value and unique quality, widely used in many fields. Mainly used in the fields of battery raw materials and solid lubricants.
Because graphite fluoride has low surface energy and high electrical activity, it can be used as an active material for batteries and is widely used in primary lithium-ion batteries. Graphite fluoride is mainly mixed with lithium or lithium-containing organic solvents to make high-performance lithium batteries. In addition to being used as a positive electrode material for lithium batteries, graphite fluoride can also be used as a positive electrode material for high-energy-density magnesium batteries and aluminum ion batteries.
In addition, compared with other solid lubricants, fluorinated graphite has better lubricating properties and is almost unaffected by the environment, such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments. It can exhibit excellent performance. Due to its stable properties and excellent lubricating properties, it can be used as a lubricant and lubricant additive for mechanical equipment and sealing materials that operate in harsh environments.
Colloidal graphite
Colloidal graphite mainly uses the characteristics of uniform graphite film formation in addition to ensuring excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity and is mainly used in the field of electrostatic film formation.
Graphene is a two-dimensional material with a thickness of one atom. It is mainly used as a bulletproof material and conductive agent in the military field.

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