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Precautions for the use of leveler by staff


We all know that leveler in the industry there are a lot of more popular names, such as leveling machine, opening machine, flat machine, straightening machine, straightening machine, in fact, the more normal name is plate leveler, manufacturers usually use it to correct various specifications of the plate and cut into a block of plate.

Precautions for the use of leveler by staff


1. Operators need to pass professional training, holding the certificate, the correct use of labor protection supplies.

2. The manufacturer reminds the personnel operating the leveling machine to wear and wear protective equipment.

3. The operator needs to be familiar with the equipment structure, performance and oil lubrication system, refueling parts, check whether the rotating part and electrical switch is normal, and according to the requirements of the equipment for lubrication.

4. Before use, the leveler manufacturer shall check the equipment according to the requirements of the equipment spot inspection card.

5. Adjust the height of the roller according to the thickness of the material, and then check it by the leveler manufacturer.

Leveler manufacturers should concentrate when operating, pay attention to whether the sound of mechanical operation is normal, and do not talk and laugh with others. Many people should be responsible for the operation at the same time, unified command, command to pay attention to others.

6. According to the deformation degree, thickness and material of the steel plate, set the corresponding parameters on the industrial computer.

The staff must strictly follow the corresponding operating procedures when using the leveler, and the non-staff do not move the equipment, so as not to use improperly and cause economic losses.

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